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Parnavam service is an event organised company based in jaipur with a goal of women's empowerment promote Indian culture by our beauty pageant or fashion shows. We believe in embracing the new but not forgetting the old. In a world full of trends, sometimes women and girls want to wear something classic. We work for :- women's empowerment
  • Handy craft
  • Beauty pageant
  • Fashion week
  • Social awards show
Woman's empowerment:- women empowerment in an important issue in today's society. Accepting the importance of women in our ancient scriptures.It has been told that where women are worshipped gods reside there. There are many ways to promote women's empowerment such as providing handy craft job, female entrepreneurs awards giving a platform for there creativity and talents Handy craft:- Crafting is a great way to explore your creative side and make unique beauty items. Beauty pageant:- pageant are a great way to celebrate and empower women of all age to back ground and cultures . They provide opportunities for contestant to showcase their talents, intelligence and personalities,while also giving them the chance to build self pageant create an environment of inclusivity and acceptance, where everyone is valued and can experience the joy. Of competing.we believe that beauty pageant can be a rewarding and positive experience for all who take part. Fashion week:- Fashion week is a wonderful event that celebrates the creativity and hard work of many different designers. Social awards show:- social influencer, creativity , talents, female entrepreneurs and more.....
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